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Best Texas Trips Series with special guest,  Legacy Ranch

Meet our friends at Legacy Ranch as we discuss why their destination makes our "Best Texas Trips" series. It's an awesome location for events, family reunions, hunting trips, and weddings. We can't wait to go play ourselves. Book your next Legacy Ranch visit today!

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Marcos Sarmiento [00:00:47]:

Nice. Good morning. Good morning. Good afternoon. We just hit afternoon.

Jared Bernshausen [00:00:52]:


Marcos Sarmiento [00:00:52]:

afternoon. Welcome, everybody. That's, tuning in from all of our platforms. We have a special guest today, with our live Texas trips. Jared with Legacy Ranch. Nice to meet you, sir. Nice to have that.

Jared Bernshausen [00:01:06]:

Appreciate it.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:01:07]:

Thank you for coming on in. We're gonna welcome in everybody that's that's popping in saying hi, trying to see where everybody's from in the San Antonio area. You live in San Antonio. Right?

Jared Bernshausen [00:01:17]:

I do. I live next to UTSA.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:01:19]:

Okay. Nice. Nice. I live, close to our office because I'm always here. So we're in the downtown areas and and We had to have a lot of people coming in and saying hi, miss Regina, how's it going?

Jared Bernshausen [00:01:32]:

Good afternoon.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:01:33]:

Good afternoon. Good afternoon. It's We're we're excited. I they've been com they've been commenting, throughout the, the week. They're like, oh, we're we're really excited about, well, you know, what's gonna be going on. So I told them we have a special guest. And, you know, doing some of the the research behind that. I've been excited as well for the packages that you guys offer.

Jared Bernshausen [00:01:52]:

Again, thank you for having us. It's a pleasure to be here. I look forward to it and shout out to any, fellow road runners that are streaming.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:01:58]:

Nice. So it would definitely have a lot, going into that. I know that we're 9 days away from Fiesta. Correct. And, you know, we have a lot of different events that happened during Fiesta. To be honest, I don't know what your event is that that you your go to event, but mine has to be oyster Bay. How about yourself?

Jared Bernshausen [00:02:20]:

Without question, which big is the top spot for me. But my wife's probably gonna go through the pooch parade. I have a fantastic call.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:02:53]:

I really enjoyed, you know, that route compared to how it is here, downtown. It's definitely a little, a little congested here. Got it. Yeah. Yeah. But down over there was everything was space. There's so many restaurants or somebody a different eatery, but we're definitely excited for to have Fiesta coming along. Everybody comes in with their sunglasses on, you know, from the 20th all the way to 30th. Because we got through Easter. And I'm like, I already know, they they probably went to Niossa. They went to, King William Peray, Tyson Northside. Taste in New Orleans, all of that good stuff. So just a couple of updates that, throughout our before we jump into this, live. I was thinking, you know, long horns are gonna make it out that far at obviously made it to the elite aid, and then they just couldn't capitalize on that. But, yeah, just some of the things that were missed throughout the last 2 weeks of us having our live. We do have some luburge turnaround trips that are gonna be going on within the next couple of weeks. Again, we'd like to thank everybody for stopping by saying hi, don't don't be shy to, you know, say hi to us, comment. Have if you have any questions throughout, please make sure to write it in there. I'm pretty sure that somebody will be at trying to ask the same question, but don't know how to word it. There's always that one person that you know, has to has to start the conversation. So again, this is gonna be our best Texas trip series, going forward we have a lot planned throughout the year. And again, I'd like to thank Jared for taking the time to come down here. I know that technology is a little bit difficult whenever you're trying to connect your Facebook and your LinkedIn. It's always something. But, you know, it

Jared Bernshausen [00:05:18]:

only took 45 minutes.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:05:19]:

It only took 45 minutes. But I'm pretty sure that's why I always try to mess with my kid. He's 8, and he can, you know, navigate, do this. And, like, hey, why don't you do this? And I'm like, oh, how how how do you learn that? Now everything, all these kids have it all on their tablet. So I'm pretty sure they're --

Jared Bernshausen [00:05:36]:

Yes. My daughter is 3, and she's our better at the tablet than I am.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:05:39]:

Yeah. Like, instead of having books, they ended up getting tablets. So during, 2020, when they started school, they got they had to do everything on Zoom. And I'm like, for six year old to do that, I guess they're gonna be ahead of their time going forward. But going back to these, best Texas trips, we we're gonna be having some special guests. And obviously, Jared's gonna be our our first one, that's gonna be here at our office, talking about legacy rents, talking about talking about what your the ranch has to offer, a little bit of history about it, what type of perks and packages and a little something that he told me, right before we went live that I was I was kinda shocked. Got me a little bit excited to go to legacy ranch as well. So we'll we'll be able to help you plan the trips to the trips out to the ranch. For a lot of stuff that we'll be talking for. But yeah, welcome in. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how the the ranch came into full circle.

Jared Bernshausen [00:06:40]:

My name is Jerry Burns Housing. So I'm the ranch representative. It is a family ranch, but I see myself as the rep. I'm oversee the operations. And make sure that, the animals are taken care of. Everything's, the plantings are taken care of. Feed's getting out there. Just making sure that the ranch is in the best condition possible. My brother-in-law, he does the same, and he also oversees the the social media portion of it. And then my wife oversees, we don't run Airbnb, but she oversees the bookings, which are something akin to that. So my role, which I just covered and legacy Ranch really stemmed or came into fruition because There's only about five places in the state of Texas that we're aware of that can house our entire family. Okay. So we have a yearly family reunion on my in law side, which the wongs, and they're approaching 60 plus. So it's getting very difficult to find, yeah, housing, especially with all the grandkids and kids that are coming. It's just difficult. So

Marcos Sarmiento [00:07:39]:

-- That's great.

Jared Bernshausen [00:07:41]:

So, my father-in-law took it upon himself to start looking for land. And he found this place. And we developed it. The acquisition was in 2019. And over the course of 12 to 15 months, we built it out to what it is today.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:07:56]:


Jared Bernshausen [00:07:56]:

So it's an operation that caters to both hunting Cliatail as well as corporate retreats. If you just want to come out, that's that's what we can do for you. We cater from everyone from the highest end, to your everyday Joe, just like myself. So If you're looking for a weekend getaway, we can do that.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:08:45]:

So good pictures, and you said you don't do basketball. You don't play basketball. But I did see a basketball court there. Have you, you know, broke it in and and done?

Jared Bernshausen [00:08:54]:

My mother-in-law has, me breaking it. It is literally breaking the backboard because I am terrible deductible.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:09:00]:

Don't break anything. We have a Jared Campbell.

Jared Bernshausen [00:09:03]:

Yeah. That's actually our branch chef.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:09:05]:

Nice. He said looking sharp. Obviously. Thanks, buddy. I'm over here. This is our everyday Tuesday wear. So, we have our color coordinated days Tuesday just happened to be red. I like to go with the Tiger Woods look, the the red and and black. I feel like that's the that's the very -- It's

Jared Bernshausen [00:09:23]:

a Tuesday, but you're closing out. Tower. Exactly.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:09:27]:

And how far is the ranch from San Antonio? Like, a downtown location?

Jared Bernshausen [00:09:31]:

From from the airport, it's about an hour 35 if you're in the UTSAA Northside area, it's about an hour from from that location.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:09:38]:

Alright. And, like, if we're going down that way, Were we taking 30?

Jared Bernshausen [00:09:42]:

You're taking highway 90. Okay. What was that? West

Marcos Sarmiento [00:09:46]:


Jared Bernshausen [00:09:46]:


Marcos Sarmiento [00:09:46]:


Jared Bernshausen [00:09:46]:

towards Castro. Passed through Castro straight into Hondo. You're just outside of Hondo. You hang a left, and it really is just a 2 primary roads and you're you're there. And the roads are well off enough that any of them, a person in a Honda Civic, can make it to the ranch.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:10:00]:

So we're gonna talk transportation because, obviously, that's what we do. And we're gonna make it as seamless as possible to go over there to take him to from door to door service, whether it be somebody here in the San Antonio area or whether it be somebody that's flying in, that has a group of, you know, 4 to 6 that, you know, wants to do some hunting that lives we have a lot of travelers, in the off season that are, you know, trying to find things to do because they they're snowed out. They're still snowed out. Utah still has snow, and they're trying to you know, they're trying to get out and see our Texas weather. For us, I don't know about yourself, but 70, sixty degrees for me, I'm always, like, double jacket, light jacket hoodie. Everybody else, they come in here. They weren't shorts. You know, they're ready to go do their thing. So where do you see a lot of people coming from to visit the rent?

Jared Bernshausen [00:10:51]:

The most out of state people we see from the East Coast, Carolinas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama. And realistically, they're coming down only for turkey hunts. So that's where we see those people coming in. Now we have discontinued turkey hunts but that's where we see a lot of our out of state individuals. Most of our stays for people who just wanna come and spend the weekend and get a ranch experience outside of hunting. All the way from Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, mostly Texas based.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:11:19]:

Okay. Yeah. Texas Texas and, retreats like that, they're definitely go hand in hand. What other type of events or what events do you all have to offer, at Legacy Ranch?

Jared Bernshausen [00:11:31]:

So from an event standpoint, like, we have hosted church groups large search groups. We actually do one every year. We don't personally put on any events, but what we can do is cater to your event. So you can reach out to us and we've put the infrastructure in to make sure that we can actually give you the desired outcome. So we have generators and spotlights and we put wiring in for DJ stations. Like, we're trying to, food truck. Okay. We're trying to do the best that we can to make it as where it is available to any clientele.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:12:03]:


Jared Bernshausen [00:12:03]:


Marcos Sarmiento [00:12:03]:

that's what we see a lot of people say. Like, okay, I need to put a vent to I need to put an event together. I don't know where. Obviously, if you're doing something in the San Antonio area, it's crazy crazy out of this world expensive and you got the you got the traffic, the congestion, doing something out there. I see, like, a lot of people, they can drive out there. They can spend a night, They could definitely, do a lot of stuff within that time. But going forward, what other type of, what's the the besides weddings and and hunting.

Jared Bernshausen [00:12:42]:

Yeah. Corporate retreats is, we're really focusing on those. We really want, I can't name the corporations that have come out, but large groups have come in from London, Houston that may or may not remove natural resources from the grounds to use their imagination there. And what they're looking to do is bring their clients out, get away from the noise pollution, the white pollution, sit around the campfire, smoke a cigar, cook a stake and just have those business conversations that they typically have on a golf course. This is just a different experience. For sure. And it gets you a little bit closer to your clients. You know, it's it's a it's a full time thing. You're there 48 hours. You can talk your business, you talk your shop, and then you can also just get away from it all and put that to bed too and kinda get to know the person that you're doing this as well.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:13:27]:

Perfect. Perfect. Yeah. That's definitely, I can't golf. So It was definitely it'd definitely be, you know, the a good experience to get out to the ranch. The cigar part, yes, the cooking kind of the guy that, you know, has a taste. So I I watch them. I if you need something from the store on that person, I'll go I'll go get that. I'll pack this stuff to what you bring. You need the seasoning. You need the beverages. You need the ice. I'm making 2 trips. Whatever else you need to make everything for whoever's cooking. Or whoever is just I just wanna go, and the rent sounds like a great experience for that. Yeah.

Jared Bernshausen [00:14:02]:

You and me on the same boat. I'm a go So actually, Jared Campbell, he's, I mean, he's his own private chef, but he does fantastic work. So definitely shout out to him. He is our preferred chef at the ranch for those clients to come in.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:14:14]:

Nice. What type of stuff does he cook?

Jared Bernshausen [00:14:16]:

I'd say American cuisine. Okay. But he can really do anything that you ask of him. So you can go out and hard an animal, and you can do a wild game, catch clean and cook. Nice. So if you want to do, you know, harvest, say a white teldier, you can take the tenderloins back strap and cook it right there for you. Wow. He's done carpaccio out of a Cementorex, which was fantastic. So just an experience that some people don't get a chance at. He can definitely put it together

Marcos Sarmiento [00:14:41]:

for you. Nice. Nice. We have a Matthew Wong, saying hi as well. Thank you for, joining in, saying hi. You know, obviously a lot of your following from, Facebook and Instagram. You have a great following, so I'm pretty sure that you guys are doing something right. Normally, when when you have a following so high, you're doing something right.

Jared Bernshausen [00:15:03]:

That's correct. And then I would go to shout out to Matthew Wong, who is my brother-in-law, who does all the social media for legacy. Nice.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:15:09]:

Nice. He was the one that was setting everything up on the back end. And, we're we're glad to be able to think it maybe we'll see him at the ranch. Is he does he go often? Or -- Oh,

Jared Bernshausen [00:15:20]:

yeah. Every time I go, I I want him to be there. So it is a family affair. Nice. If I go they're there if they go, we try and show up.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:15:27]:

And that's what a a lot of things get let let go. I mean, you have your big ranches that we're not gonna name that, you know, they're they're more corporate based, going to these ranches that are family owned. A lot of people don't really understand the the pride that goes into that. Just like our motor coaches. We put a lot of pride, sweat, and tears into having the best equipment that you can you know, put on the road out there. So whenever your clients are coming in from out of town, we can pick them up, take them down to the ranch, door to door service, get their bags, make sure everything is ready for them. So all they have to do is, you know, text on the way up there. Hey. We're here. We're we're dropping them off right at the door. We have wifi and 110 plugs on the on the coaches. So, you know, they're traveling in in style. AC is a big thing in Texas. We gotta make sure that AC works. We've had some stories of people that are like, yeah. We we we took somebody else and their AC didn't work. And I'm like, Wow. That's like, that's a be behind everything's safety. AC's gotta be the biggest thing. But we we deck out our our coaches with DIRECTV So your your clients are are pretty much if they're, doing something corporate, they don't wanna be disconnected from the world. They don't want me to be crammed in a space where they're, like, trying to text. You wanna be able to put your laptop up, connect to the wifi. And, you know, if you need be, if need be, sometimes when I believe they get to the ranch, They wanna shut everything off and they're ready to enjoy theirselves. And and just talking to you, I'm I'm excited to do something at the end of the year. To, you know, visit the ranch, take our office down there, have a nice little retreat, and then go from there. I mean, the way that you described, Jared, it's cooking. Yeah, you're you're can you talk about the sprinter a little bit? Yeah. So our sprinter is a thirteen passenger sprinter. It's perfect for the that family retreat that's trying to go out there to go, hunting. We can go pick them up at the airport. We can pick them up anywhere in Texas. Bring them to you, so they don't have to worry about the the drive and, you know, getting lost going. I know that some of these streets up there like, you don't have name names.

Jared Bernshausen [00:17:32]:

They are County roads.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:17:33]:

Yeah. So those County roads are are are something special. But for events, whether it be, weddings or whether it be, any type of specific, sweet sixteens or quinces, I'm pretty sure that we can provide the service. So it's an all in one package for your guests and everybody that's traveling there. Last thing we wanna do is for something having that they can't make it because they got lost or they, you know, just don't don't wanna drive. They can't

Jared Bernshausen [00:18:03]:

Exactly. So when people are booking these trips, we want to alleviate take things off of their plate. We want it to be as seamless easy as possible so they can enjoy their time for the that they paid for. So that's why, you know, okay towards reached out to us, and I think it was a good collaboration because you can provide those services that are turnkey. A client calls me, they're coming in from wherever it's irrelevant, and then they can trust that you're gonna be there to get them to the ranch when, on time and get them back to the airport on time. It's a one stop shop when they call legacy or okay tours. For sure. That's a 100% agree on that. What is the bright star in October? So, We have, Patrick Wong is my father-in-law. He, is the progenitor. He is the the brain behind legacy ranch. He is the one that put it together, came up with the ideas. So, good to see you, Mister Wong. As far as this bright star is, Mister Wong's He's part of a company, a franchise owner, Brightstar's does home health services. So every year, they host, I guess, the top representative from each franchise at the ranch. So, you know, definitely be reaching out to you to

Marcos Sarmiento [00:19:14]:


Jared Bernshausen [00:19:14]:

Oh, yeah.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:19:17]:

Like I said, I'm excited to do that. There's some fun things to do at Legacy Ranch. Can you tell us a little bit about the bicycles that you guys have court basketball, because, I mean, you know, I would like to think that I can play basketball, but my body kind of thinks this tells me, like, slow it down because it definitely doesn't work. But as far as if you set me up in a corner and start shooting, I'm all all day. I would love to go out there and do that.

Jared Bernshausen [00:19:45]:

So you can play horse really well? Yeah.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:19:46]:

I can play a horse really well.

Jared Bernshausen [00:19:47]:


Marcos Sarmiento [00:19:48]:

And maybe not even that big because the too too long of a

Jared Bernshausen [00:19:51]:

game. Yeah. Let's let's try it again. Let's try it. But, you know, some of the things we offer, so some people, again, not everyone wants to hunt, and that's fine. So we want people to come out to our ranch, and we wanna have as many activities as possible to cater to every type of person. So know, if you wanna go swimming and we have a three and a half acre lake with a pier and step ladders, it's covered. You can we have a bar lilies so the kids can just play on the lily, jump in, have a good time. You can kayak. You can paddle board. You wanna go fishing. You can fish in the lake, or you can go to our creek. Which has 3 little mini ponds. So there's bass, catfish, perch. You know, we offer rods. You don't have to bring those things. We'll we'll provide them for you. Bicycles. So the roads are paved within the front portion of the ranch. So you can just ride around and check things out.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:20:38]:


Jared Bernshausen [00:20:39]:

We have a a half basketball court that also doubles as a pickleball court. And I think, the person behind the camera loves pickleball. They're

Marcos Sarmiento [00:20:49]:

a little traumatized. They're they're a little commission for about a year, but, you know, they'll be back. That's that's some of the things about that. Like, the unfortunate events of of playing the sports, but having the stories of going out there, hey, you remember when we, went out and played pickleball and, you know, I beat you, blah, blah, blah, or, you know, you ended up doing this. So sports go hand in hand, doing a lot of the, the seeing the the swimming on the three and a half acre lake

Jared Bernshausen [00:21:20]:

Yeah. Now, Mr. Wong really focused a lot of time and energy on that leg, making it something that not only he can enjoy, but, you know, his grandchildren and now other people can as well. But if swimming and fishing is not your thing, we have a full volleyball court. Almost a full volleyball field is quite close. I think it's ADRs. We ran out of room, but, go ahead.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:21:41]:

And mister Wong just said that, you know, y'all added a axe throwing

Jared Bernshausen [00:21:45]:

as well. We're currently, constructing that -- Nice.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:21:47]:


Jared Bernshausen [00:21:47]:

as we speak. That's gonna be near our pistol range. Okay. So if you wanna try to hand that chunking at Tom Hawk, have at it. But, So full football field, and that's where those generators with lights come in because obviously in summertime, it's a 110 degrees out there. So you can play at night under the lights. Which, most people would probably enjoy.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:22:06]:

9 whole disc golf course?

Jared Bernshausen [00:22:08]:

Yeah. Yeah. I

Marcos Sarmiento [00:22:09]:

think that's just, like, just certain things that you guys have to offer is a whole experience in itself. I don't think you can do that, like, in a weekend.

Jared Bernshausen [00:22:20]:

I know.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:22:20]:

It's definitely like, okay. It's like going to Disney. Like -- Yeah.

Jared Bernshausen [00:22:23]:

Yeah. But but for red next.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:22:25]:

It's it's definitely like going out there and like, alright. Hey. This week, we're gonna knock out these six events, in a month and a half or 2 months, we're gonna take out these half. And it's definitely something that to to just grow by. Like, how we plan our tours or how we started was doing, a lot of small tours, you know, casino trips we have a lot of clients tell that, you know, we'll start going to our trip to Kikapu, which is about 2 a half hours away from San Antonio. They'll they'll go by themselves or, you know, a friend, and then they'll end up, coming back and making 2 or 4 friends. And then all of a sudden, this group of 2 ends up being a group of 10, and they're going to Vegas. So stuff like this is great. You know, it's a a good little birthday idea if you wanna just, you know, you're tired of doing the whole hey, we're gonna do a party at at at the part. Why do that when you can go down here, do all of that, and still, you know, spend a night, do it again. So it's definitely something that I it is it's a great way to, enjoy the ranch. So right now, what we're gonna do is show a little short video showcasing all the fun activities, that's on y'all's YouTube page. So y'all have a lot of good stuff, but saying it, you know, we're just painting the picture, but you gotta see it. And I I think right here, you'll be able to see some of the stuff that, we have the offer. Yeah. Wow. That right there is the ending part. That's me all day long because KFR, the weather being in the 6 seventies, you know, definitely having a nice little beverage right there. That's that's the way to do it. The Skeet shooting facility, that that's

Jared Bernshausen [00:25:23]:

Yeah. Skeet and trap. I mean, it's a full course range. We can do five stands. You can walk around, and that's where we host a lot of our just where our friends groups get together. That's why we have a lot of tournaments.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:25:32]:

Nice. Do you guys open up those tournaments out to the public, or is it just private events that they put together?

Jared Bernshausen [00:25:38]:

It's just when friends go, so, like, from Memorial Day, friends grow go and we just host it internally. But if your group comes, we put together a bracket and we can do that for you. Oh,

Marcos Sarmiento [00:25:47]:

nice. And what about the, the pistol range? Do they freeing their own, what tell tell us a little bit about how that works.

Jared Bernshausen [00:25:53]:

You know, we can on a case by case basis lend out pistols when, you know, you don't have to go buy those things, if it's really not your thing, so we can, you know, work something out on, you know, if that situation should arise. But, yes, bring your own ammunition, your own rifles, or pistols, those ranges are quite a lot of fun. We have dueling trees, the Texas star, which really tests your ability. Okay. And then we have a rifle range that goes out to 300 where you can steel as small as 2 inches in diameter so we can see how good you are.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:26:18]:

Wow. Yeah. Definitely three hundred yards. I can't even, like, run that.

Jared Bernshausen [00:26:22]:

It's a chip shop.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:26:27]:

That's awesome, man. That that's that's great. So we're excited to to partner with you. And we're excited to grow and and see the ranch come come to, you know, going a 100 more years. I mean, I know you guys just started, but just everything that y'all pumped together within this last 4 years sounds great. We can provide the transportation there, for family reunions corporate bonding, which sounds great to us. I think I might have to partner with some some other buddies so that we could take some of ours office and then some of the other areas as well to, you know, put something together to to go out to the area. Because I'm I'm gonna tell you that, like, once you see me there and I'm I'm playing basketball, you're gonna be like, this is a different person from than I'd spent. I'm I'm very, very competitive. All everything that you said there is the the competitive side that brings people together. And I tend to bring a lot of people together because I'm that competitive.

Jared Bernshausen [00:27:26]:

Well, what we can do is we can we have 12 paintball guns and we can set up a course for 666 for your team. So

Marcos Sarmiento [00:27:33]:

-- Oh my goodness. That's yeah.

Jared Bernshausen [00:27:35]:

We we have captured the flag. We actually have physical flags that you have to capture and run to your base.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:27:40]:

Oh my goodness. Yeah. Those those paintball days, they they used to, you know, they used to not hurt as much. Now when you get one, it's like, but but I love I love the competitive part of it. We have a lot of friends that are still out there, and they'll say, hey, you know, what what can we do I'm I'm tired of, you know, just going over barbecue or doing that or this. This sounds like the best experience to put everything together. Now how can we book something like that? Do we do we go to y'all's website? Do we email, call, address, How how? I'm excited.

Jared Bernshausen [00:28:16]:

You can go to legacy You can email admin@legacyranch, or you could just call the number on the website. It's 210-890-5006. But realistically, the website is the best way to go. There's a calendar there that tells you what dates are available. And even if it shows it booked, don't hesitate to call me. You know, we have 7 houses out there. It may not be that all houses are booked. So we can host multiple parties at a although we try and keep it as private as possible because some people don't wanna share space, but, yeah, just reach out to me. You'll get either myself my wife, my brother-in-law, or our ranch manager, Adrian Villanueva.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:28:54]:

Nice. Well, that that's awesome. I'm I it's having the 7. What are the sizes of those homes.

Jared Bernshausen [00:29:01]:

So, like, the main house is pushing 4000 square feet, 5 beds, 6 bath with a great haul. You being the sports guy, actually, we do, you know, when you do bash of parties or even on that, draft parties. So a group of guys go out there and

Marcos Sarmiento [00:29:14]:

do draft parties. I'm letting you know right now, reservice for the 3rd week of August, we always try to find a place. We're going out to the ranch. We're taking a bus out there, and we're doing our draft party there. So everybody that's in there, we're having our draft party there. And on top of that, you said that you guys have a special offer.

Jared Bernshausen [00:29:33]:

We do. So this runs year long, without exception. So we at Legacy Ranch, take pride, in America, and the veterans both active and prior who have served this country and given us this ability to do this today. So you get a 10% discount, with proof of your, military service. So that without exception, that's to the stays, the hunts, you get a 10% off your total.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:29:58]:


Jared Bernshausen [00:29:58]:

And then Also, I was talking with the family. We'd also like to extend a 5% discount to everyone else outside of that. As long as you mentioned to us, okay, tours either in the email or just call me. That way we can apply it.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:30:12]:

Oh my goodness. Well, thank you for that. That is awesome. We are definitely excited for that. We're excited to to be going now that we can use our 15% discount or for some, 5 for others. We're we're we're ready. I'm I'm telling you, I'm gonna send you an email with our dates that we normally do our our draft. Like, see, you you gotta you got the, the ball turning. You got me too excited. You get I forgot totally what we were talking about. He just said, sports draft. That's it. That's usually how how the party goes. Sports draft sunset. A sunset. Oh my goodness. And and going into August, the weather starts getting better. It's right before, you know, schools, you know, kinda starting up in there. Now just a couple other things. What what should I do you have like a checklist or something that we can put together so that we what we know what to take to the ranch?

Jared Bernshausen [00:31:05]:

Sure. So you don't need to bring towels pillows, sheets, silverware, that's all there. You don't even need to bring, like, certain toiletries, shampoo, things like that. That's all there. But you can bring your overnight bag, of course, toothpaste, toothbrush, things like that. You know, those are the typical things. Just yourself, your clothes, and your fresh, and you should be fine.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:31:27]:

Now you said 4000 square feet house. That's not a house. That's a that's a magnitude right there.

Jared Bernshausen [00:31:33]:

It's it's It's not huge, but it's not small. Yeah. The main portion of is the Great Hall. So it's about 30 feet long, 24 feet high vaulted ceilings. So it's a really good meeting space.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:31:43]:

Yeah. That's that's definitely something something to talk about. Is there a

Jared Bernshausen [00:31:48]:

minimum of nights that they need

Marcos Sarmiento [00:31:48]:

to stay?

Jared Bernshausen [00:31:51]:

So typically, we require a 2 night minimum, but, if there's a special exception, some people just wanna stay 1 night before they go to their wedding the next day. So that's be a bachelor party. Call me. We can make something work for you. Awesome. Awesome. Well, I mean, they gotta just stay

Marcos Sarmiento [00:32:06]:

I don't think they would be able to do one night. Like, just looking at everything going on, they'd have to do 2 nights, 3 nights minimum because all all the events that they'd wanna do out there. For sure.

Jared Bernshausen [00:32:16]:

And it depends on your circumstances, but, absolutely.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:32:18]:

And, what kind of what kind of other events have you hosted besides, like, the weddings? Like, what's one thing that's just maybe one thing that you've done at the ranch that's different from all the rest?

Jared Bernshausen [00:32:33]:

I mean, everyone does bachelor parties. But those are always a good time. So we've done a few of those. We have done a wedding. We have a couple weddings. We have done the corporate retreats. I'd say the one that sets us apart that comes back every year that we're really, truly blessed to host is that church group that comes in a lubbock So it's about 62 to 68 people, okay, because the ranch can sleep 74, and we have 23 individual bedrooms for 23 couples So I'll just put that in perspective. But that is the event that we really enjoy hosting the most every year just because they're such good clients. They're very personable. They take good care of the ranch. And, it's just -- That's

Marcos Sarmiento [00:33:09]:

always the best ones. They take care of you. They take care of y'all, take care of the land, respect everything. And those are the best ones that especially to the ones that continually book. So like I said, if you're doing if they're continuously coming back, you're doing something right. And, I'm I'm the only thing that I'm scared of is that when we do go there, August, they were gonna have to be going back in September October, November because, I'm gonna ask, hey. Do you have that, long term discount because once we get hooked and all that stuff going on, I'm I'm excited to to try out every one of those events jokeys.bell. Yeah. Someone text, how's the dev population during fall migration?

Jared Bernshausen [00:33:49]:

Do y'all reach the limits so it entirely depends, you know, Dove or migratory in nature. So this year, we're taking extra steps. We're doing plantings of Texas Croton for other people know that it's Dove weed or Go weed. So we're really doing our best to entice them because Dove hunting is probably the funniest activity out there. Nice. Nothing beats sitting in the lawn chair. Maybe a cold beverage. Yeah. And then just listening music, talk, and trash to your buddies trying to, you know, hit some birds as they're nearby. I never hit any.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:34:17]:

So -- Yeah. I I've gone a few times, and I haven't hit anything either. So I'm just out there just with the cigar and and talking. But that's usually what brings people together, and that's where a lot of other, deals get done as well. So it's it's always a good time to to to get on on that. But we are gonna be wrapping up here pretty soon. Just a couple reminders. We do have our paragon trips, Sunday through Monday, a couple of Kickapoo ones in May, and then Laverge turnarounds on the 27th. So a lot of other things going forward, we are gonna be in constant contact because we will be having, you know, another one of these going forward, just because there's so much things to talk about. Maybe once we'll make it at your facility and, you know, you can walk us through everything that's going on, but all the videos that you guys have shown us, all the pictures It looks it looks great. It looks like something that's been there for, like, 20, 30 years, but for you guys to do that in such short time, everybody likes something new, everything, but it likes something great. And we're excited to start doing some trips out there for you guys.

Jared Bernshausen [00:35:25]:

For sure. So, 10% for veterans all year long. And then for 6 months from today, it's 5% for outside of that for everyone else. For, mentioning okay tours.

Marcos Sarmiento [00:35:36]:

Awesome. So, again, thank you so much for taking the time. This was great. Definitely added something else to do in my calendar for the end of the year, and, we will definitely be out there. So Thank y'all everybody for stopping by, saying hi, and we'll see y'all in

Jared Bernshausen [00:35:53]:

the next one. Appreciate it. Thank you.



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